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Co (together) Eminent (distinguished, prominent, successful).

Coeminent believes in co-creating value for its customers by providing the best environment for innovation and business growth. Coeminent continuously invests into acquiring knowledge of the latest trends and technologies, and then channels this expertise into a structured environment for optimum results.

Coeminent has a seven year history through different entities with a peak size of 250 technical resources and worldwide clients spanning Fortune 500 and small to mid-sized companies across US, Japan, Europe, Asia and Africa.


The excitement of quality that flows through from User to Client to the Team is the motivation for the team to deliver the best quality product...


Customer Satisfaction

We add value through innovation, market intelligence, leveraging of trends, web marketing, business development and sales...


Employee Satisfaction

The Coeminent culture is to engage employees, with the constructive outcome of establishing a strong emotional bond between employee and the organization...


Coeminent adds Offshore Business Development capabilities ...